CFS/ME Program

What is chronic fatigue syndrome?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Post Viral Syndrome (PVS) are characterised by disabling physical and mental fatigue, sleep difficulties, headaches, sore throats, concentration and memory difficulties, muscle pain and dizziness that isn’t alleviated by rest.

Fatigue can sometimes be misunderstood

Fatigue is not something that can be seen like a broken arm and it can often be misunderstood or dismissed by people not familiar with the condition. Due to the severity and long term effects of these symptoms it can cause problems in your ability to socialise, attend work/school and earn a living which may lead to isolation and depression.

What does the program do?

The program consists of 10-15 individual sessions over 6-9 months designed and focused on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome treatment to allow the participant to continue to make and maintain gains made through a holistic approach focusing on:
•Allowing you to have less ‘bad days’ by stabilising activity and pacing
•Achieve personal goals that once seemed impossible
•Allowing you to become active and stay active without symptoms by establishing an exercise baseline
•Allowing you to complete a ‘normal day’ or return to work through graded increases in your exercise baseline (with no increases in symptoms)
•Giving you a more refreshing nights sleep
•Giving you the skills to deal with any future problems through setback planning and a therapy book
•Allowing you to relax through learning fatigue relaxation techniques
•Address any muscle weaknesses through strength training without symptoms (if necessary)
•Improve your ability to deal with daily stresses with stress management techniques
•Addressing any nutritional needs

How can exercise help me without making me worse?

The program is designed for people of all levels in such a way that your body will adapt physically whilst not making you feel worse. It will help stabilise your daily activity as often when people with fatigue feel good they tend to do as much activity as you can in order to ‘get things done’ or ‘catch up’ and on ‘bad days’ they do very little as they are not feeling well. A person’s activity/exercise baseline could be simply standing up or maybe 30 minutes of walking, but does not increase your symptoms.


Our team has been treating adults and adolescents with fatigue for the past 11 years nationally and internationally. Unfortunately there is currently no ‘quick fix’ for fatigue but we strongly believe through personal experience and research that you can decrease your physical and mental fatigue, improve your sleep and concentration, decrease the frequency and severity of your symptoms and most importantly give you more energy to do the activities you want and feel better.