Medicare & Insurance Rebates

You will most likely be able to access either Medicare or private health insurance rebates when visiting Active Health Clinic. The rebates will depend on which health professional you have a consultation with, length of the session and level of private cover.

Below is a list of benefits that may apply to you and forms you can take to your GP to make the process easier. It is recommended that you discuss this firstly with your GP/insurer to make sure a rebate is appropriate. Medicare and  private health insurance rebates are processed in clinic.

Exercise Physiology Services

Medicare rebates for Exercise Physiology (EP) services may fall under and Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) plan. This can be firstly discussed and then organised through your GP (it cannot be done via your specialist). An EPC is a Medicare initiative designed for chronic conditions that are of at least 6 months in duration. An EPC allows you to access 5 sessions per calendar year with an allied health practitioner including Exercise Physiologists, Dieticians and Physiotherapists to name a few. Current rebate are $52.95 per session (and more if you have reached the Medicare threshold).

Our EP’s are registered with 31 private health insurers and rebates can apply. The rebate may range from $17-$104 depending on the insurer and the level of cover. It is recommended that you consult your insurer to ascertain what rebates may apply. For a list of insurers and contact details click below for the Health Fund Factsheet:

Private Health Insurance rebates A to M

Private Health Insurance rebates N to Z
Note that Medicare and private health insurance rebates cannot be used together

Psychology Services

Psychology services can attract a Medicare rebate under a Mental Healthcare Plan. This can be discussed and then organised through your GP. A Mental Health Care plan allows you to have 6 sessions with a psychologist followed by a review with your GP, where if appropriate another 4 sessions can be allocated (in exceptional circumstances your GP may approve an additional 6 sessions).

A rebate of $81.60 may be otained through Medicare for your psychologist.

Private health insurance rebates may apply, contact your insurer for further details.

Note that Medicare and private health insurance rebates cannot be used together