Why Choose Us?

With so many different treatment options it can be hard to decide what is the best fit. So why choose the team at Active Health Clinic?
•We don’t want to see you in the long term (don’t worry it’s not you!). Our treatment has an end point as we believe that management should be focused on learning and independence. We teach you the tools so you don’t need us (but we will be there if you do).
•All our treatment is individual, flexible, confidential and entirely tailored to you to suit your lifestyle. An adult’s treatment is different to an adolescents or and athlete.
•Experience. Our team has been specialising in the management of CFS and chronic disease for over a decade and seen thousands of clients. We know fatigue.
•Tertiary trained and registered with Medicare, Workcover, TAC, DVA and private health insurers.
•We supply guidelines not rules. Many treatments dictate how you live your life , we supply guidelines that you can apply to your life wherever it takes you with family, work or fun. Sustainability and insight are key factors to your recovery.
•You practice the tools in the real world, not a false hospital environment or an hour with a trainer where once you leave you are still faced with daily challenges and no concrete tools.
•We have appointments Monday to Saturday with early and late appointments to fit your lifestyle. Don’t feel locked in or told when to attend. Appointments are on a session by session basis.
•Our treatment is scientifically based on the latest research and development. There is evidence it works.
• Only a holistic program that looks at physiological, psychological and nutritional aspects of treatment can lead to recovery. Not one aspect of treatment will get you better alone.
•We communicate with your team of health professionals in writing and verbally as well as family, work and schooling when needed.
•Our team is understanding, compassionate, believing and has a sense of humour when needed.
•We don’t preach ‘cures’, we focus on initially management leading to improvements in quality of life and eventually not being limited by your fatigue.
•It’s not a short term fix (there are none, they just take your money), we focus on long term skills and independance over a 6-12 month period (over that time you will learn to deal with all things that can go wrong).
•To regain your life.
•And most importantly if you have read this far, we care.