Testmonials and CFS Stories

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“My Journey with chronic fatigue and fibryomyalgia started up again more than a year ago after being sick, non stop for a year with every infection in the book. I also had surgery for endometriosis which I believe tipped by body over the edge and after that surgery I knew something still wasn’t right when all I wanted to do was curl up in bed and be left alone to sleep forever. I looked everywhere for answers. Lucky I found them and was lead to Active health Clinic.

It would have been a hell of a lot harder without the support of Exercise Physiologist, Florence Kelly. She was there with a warm smile and faith that things would get better. No issue was ever a problem to talk about. She made me realise that my symptoms where normal and I wasn’t losing my mind. We would laugh, I would cry and she listened to me, helping me change and adapt my lifestyle to the constant roller coaster ride that is chronic fatigue.

It has been one of the most challenging times of my life. The pain, pain, pain! Emotions of frustration and loss of the life I was leading that would never be the same again. I believe in some weird tormented way that this has been a gift, of slowing me down and getting back to basics. When I have flows of energy, now I use it wisely by doing things that are most important to me like spending time making art, music, walking my dog on the beach, choosing my time with family and friends etc. I need to be careful of things that drain my energy because I know that I will suffer for it. Stress is a killer, I truly believe that. It can make every symptom worse and elevated.

I couldn’t image trying to deal and work all of this out on my own. The program Florence gave me is straight forward, and it works. When I have setbacks, there are guidelines in the manual on how to manage them. Guidelines and strategies on sleep, exercise, pacing, just to name a few. Knowing Florence is only a call away really helps me feel less alone and you need those supportive practitioners, friends and family around you that don’t judge you. Now that my consultations are less frequent due to my progress (Hooray!) I actually miss the sessions with her and send her my heartfelt Thank you.

For all the cfs and fibryo suffers out there, Time, patience and pacing only makes us stronger. I send out love, courage, faith and healing- we can get better!!!!” Lea-Anne, 33


“I was struck down with CFS for a year. After finding AHC and working with Florence I returned to full time work and a healthy life. I have been back at work full time for a year now. Today I will board a plane to London and then bicycle >1600km from Lands End in the South West of England to John O’groats in the the north west of Scotland. All that in 21 days.
THANKS to Florence and everyone at AHC for the program and for helping me get my life back.
If you still doubt if it works, or are afraid to believe that you can be we’ll again, I challenge you, try it and prove it doesn’t work. What have you got to lose?
I suspect that when I started I was a bit afraid to believe I would ever be well again. I suspect there was a degree of ‘ I am gonna do this to prove I really am sick and nothing this simple will help. Well, it does and it did and it is.
Stick with it, not that it is long before you can feel the improvement!
On the bad days follow the plan and goods WILL follow.” Gail, 47

“It has been a very useful program and really suited someone like me who loved
(and missed) exercise and sport but didn’t understand their limits! I really
enjoyed the goal-setting aspects of the program and working towards that Darwin
hike was just the thing for me. Can’t believe a year on I’m a Program Manager of
a massive interstate program and pregnant and ready to do a PhD next year! I had
already got a lot better before coming to your program but you taught me so many
extra skills that have really made me knock it on the head. I also use these
skills whenever I begin to feel run down. Remembering to assess my week has been
important and a great idea for anyone in this busy, busy world! I’m not busy
much anymore, I’m in control. Your program really helped with a knocked
self-esteem after 4 years of feeling mentally very slow. I definitely would
recommend people try this program as a tool for managing – and perhaps even
curing- their CFS and Fibromyalgia.” Sophie, 34

“I got diagnosed with CFS in February 2011 after a long battle with Glandular fever. I also developed major depression which nearly took my life. After both diagnoses I was directed to the Active Health Clinic which now looking back was my saviour. Florence and her team were incredibly positive and provided constant support network whilst battling a very isolating illness. I found the key for this …illness is to take small steps everyday and to make daily improvements in daily function. I am living proof that you can recover from both illness and when u do you will appreciate life more than ever. I now consider myself lucky to have endured this illness as I can now use my strength gained to pursue future ambitions. I am back living normally playing sport, socialising and pursing full time work. Active health you are so understanding and compassionate for a terrible illness and hope that many more will use your services on their path to recovery.” Jon, 28

“Dear Florence, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help, support and guidance in my recovery from chronic fatigue. I’m a different person to how I was a year ago and I have you to thank! I will never forget everything you’ve taught me and will continue to apply it to all aspects of my life. I still can’t believe I got through all this. Not so long ago it seemed impossible! Anyway, just wanted to let you know what a wonderful gift you give to people and how much I appreciate all your time, knowledge and energy.” Marion. 23

“I heard of Nathan’s Graded Exercise Therapy from a friend and was delighted to find that I could consult him face-to-face using my computer and Skype even though I live 800 kilometres away.   The results have been excellent.  I was invalided out of the workforce TPI over four years ago at the age of 61 and had suffered from CFS for ten years, from the age of 55 to 65 years.  I had previously tried a variety of therapies but nothing made much difference.  With Nathan’s patience and understanding I learned to how to pace myself and gradually increase physical activity until I now feel that I can take part in society again and actively enjoy my retirement.” Sylvia, 65

“For almost ten years I suffered the debilitating symptoms of Fibromyalgia. Constantly misdiagnosed I was subjected to repeated medical tests that never yielded any treatment plans that worked. Ultimately the condition became so severe that I was forced to give up a career I loved and was unable to continue working. Some doctors even told me that it was unlikely I would ever be able to return to work, and that I should ‘get used to it’. Finally I was referred to Nathan and Florence at Active Health. Their program for sufferers of Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia has given me my life back. I am now exercising up to 5 times a week and have returned to part-time work. The support I received and the knowledge and skills I have gained from their well-researched program has enabled me to again move forward with my life, managing my condition to minimise its impact” Kerry, 34

“I would just like to thank you so much for all your help. Your program is the only reason I finished Year 12. I got a score high enough to get into both of my choices, but I am yet to decide which one I would like to do. I truly can’t thank you enough. I am back to my old self and have achieved both of my goals: going out late and only needing one day to recover and returning to sport without having a set back. By far my biggest achievement is being well enough to participate in the Camp America program, which I leave for in three weeks. I have been working 40+ hour weeks and maintaining my beloved social life. I cannot believe how far I’ve come. When I first came to you I had lost hope and I never in a million years did I think I was ever going to be this well again. It was like a miracle! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Belinda, 18

My name is Vicki. I am 38 y.o. I have had CFS since January 2007.  Prior to CFS I was a very fit individual who loved the gym, life, going out and threw myself into everything. Contracting CFS turned my life upside down. I had zero energy and alienated myself from everyone and everything, acting like I had been handed a death sentence. Severe depression and anxiety then set in. I doctor shopped to find the best CFS specialists (western/eastern/holistic medicine) with the belief that they would be able to find me a cure. I was naive to think that that I could delegate the responsibility of my cure upon another person, all the while getting hooked by perpetual negative thoughts. And yes, some doctors and naturopaths did offer cures and I dived in head first only to be disappointed and out of pocket thousands of dollars. Then an understanding doctor helped change my destiny and led me to Nathan Butler in February 2009 to commence his GET program. I was open to anything by that stage and had no hesitations. My self-talk was still negative and I didn’t expect much due to previous experiences much however I changed my mind after just one session. Nathan got down to business straight away.  Here was a person that was not only the best CFS expert I’d ever met, but also a scientist, a counsellor, a friend, a motivator, a teacher and a really caring, lovely, and funny person. Nathan’s GET methodologies are constant. They have been proven and they work. His program covers many facets and enables you to fearlessly take ownership of your illness and healing journey. He is wise beyond his words. The tools he teaches you are tools I still engage every day of my life. I have finally learned to listen to my body’s signals and to get my life back on track. I am working full time and visit the gym 4 times a week. This time however I know how much training my body requires and I am still getting results. My performance at the gym even exceeds other non-CFS individuals. It’s Nathan’s image and wise words that I see and listen to whilst at the gym! I can now go out and do everything I did before the illness. I now control the CFS, it does not control me. My whole mindset towards this illness has changed. I am no longer scared. I accept what has happened and get along with my life. I would strongly encourage anyone with CFS to see Nathan Butler and his team at Active Health Clinic. The journey is the reward. And you meet great people who will even talk to you on the phone when you have meltdowns! Vicki, 38

“I was diagnosed with CFS in June 2010 and have just finished my GET program. At the start my exercise consisted of walking 12 minutes/day. Now, my exercise consists of swimming, dance, pilates and jogging every week. I’ve also learnt how to waterski for the first time since I was a kid”. Brooke, 24

“I had been unwell for a long while, I was determined to regain my health but was unable to find any help or ideas, I was at a loss and concerned for my family. After two sessions with Nathan he gave me back hope that I could recover, confidence that he would guide me through it and give me skills to make it happen. I am now able to work again, care for my family and am beating CFS, Thanks Nathan”. Paul, 36

“I have found the program to be extremely helpful towards my recovery from CFS, I’ve really appreciated that the program is 1-on-1, meaning it’s tailored to my needs and we can work through it at my own pace. I’ve now learnt the different ways in which I can deal with my illness and work towards a positive outcome. I am very thankful that my fatigue specialist recommended this to me, and highly recommend the program to other sufferers of CFS/ME.” Lana, 31

“I was fortunate enough to find Nathan Butler and his programme in January 2009 – the programme was suggested to me by my specialist treating doctor. Within a month of starting the programme I began to believe that I could get my life back. Within six months, for the first time in two and a half years, I started to feel normal again”.
“I felt stronger, fitter, more optimistic, and began making exciting plans for myself again – travel, research, a new career at the tender age of 57, and most important of all, I was able to play with my grandchildren. Through the course of the programme I have learnt a lot about myself, and become a stronger person. I have faced a number of fears, and learnt to handle them. I have found strength, optimism, courage, and happiness I did not know I had. In short I believe I have actually gained something from the experience of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and recovery”.
“Nathan is at all times positive, understanding, encouraging, realistic, professional, and has a wonderful sense of humour – an essential commodity as we journey through life’s surprises. I highly recommend Nathan Butler and his programme without a second’s hesitation – in fact I already have recommended the programme to many people!” Kathryn, 57