Understand and overcome complex fatigue

What is chronic fatigue syndrome?

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) are illnesses characterised by disabling physical and mental fatigue, sleep difficulties, headaches, sore throats, concentration and memory difficulties, muscle pain and dizziness. These symptoms aren't relieved by rest.

Fatigue can be misunderstood

Fatigue is not something that can be seen, like a broken arm, and it can often be misunderstood or dismissed by people not familiar with the condition. Due to the severity and long-term effects of fatigue, it can cause problems in a person's ability to socialise and attend work or school, which may lead to isolation and depression.

Program background

In 2001, Active Health Clinic founder Nathan Butler met paediatrician Dr Lionel Lubitz when working at the Austin Hospital. Dr Lubitz was working with a group of adolescents who were very unwell and not being taken seriously by the greater medical profession. They had been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME).

Through the program they participated in at the hospital, these teenagers were able to return to school, socialise with friends and no longer be limited by their health. Seeing these changes inspired Nathan to continue to develop a program to manage complex fatigue, with cutting edge research and links with the world’s best practitioners in CFS/ME. This is the program we offer at Active Health Clinic.

Our program

Our program consists of 10-15 individual sessions over 6-9 months. It is designed and focused on CFS/ME rehabilitation, and helps our clients make and maintain gains made, through a holistic approach.

The sessions focus on:

Our program aims to help you have a ‘normal day’ or return to work or school, through activity pacing and graded increases in exercise, without increasing your symptoms. We give you the skills to deal with any future problems, through setback planning and providing you with a therapy manual.

See our Testimonials page to hear from those who have experienced our program for themselves.

Cost and questions

For program costs and rebates available, please see our Fees and Rebates page.

Do I need a referral? What if I can't get to your clinic? Please visit our FAQ page for answers to these and other questions about our programs.

How can exercise help me without making me worse?

Our program is designed for people of all health and fitness levels. Through talking with you and taking a thorough assessment, we identify your personal exercise baseline and develop an exercise plan in such a way that your body will adapt physically while not making you feel worse. One person's exercise baseline could be simply standing up, while another's may be 30 minutes of walking.

We know that often, people with a fatigue illness tend to do as much activity as they can when they feel good, to ‘get things done’ or ‘catch up’. Then on ‘bad days’ when they're not feeling well they may do very little. Our program will help you stabilise your daily activity, including your exercise, so you can learn to avoid the 'booming and busting' cycle.

Our experience

Our team has been treating adults and adolescents with fatigue for the past 18 years, nationally and internationally, with over 30,000 hours of one-on-one experience. Find out more about our experience and our team.

Unfortunately, there is currently no ‘quick fix’ for fatigue but we strongly believe, through research and our experience, that through our program you can reduce your physical and mental fatigue, improve your sleep and concentration, reduce your symptoms and most importantly, feel better and have more energy.

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