Reconditioning Group

Get stronger and feel better

Pain and fatigue are never comfortable things. If you have chronic pain or fatigue it's common to avoid exercise. You might be afraid it will make your symptoms worse, you might not feel physically able or motivated to exercise, or maybe you're simply not sure what kind of exercise to do. However, avoiding exercise can actually make you weaker or 'deconditioned', and can make your symptoms worse.

Through our reconditioning program, we can assess your particular situation and help you create an exercise program that focuses on your personal goals, through functional graded exercise. Building your strength and fitness is really important because it will help you use less energy on daily activities. We can also help you learn to manage your activities and overcome your symptoms, which may improve your mood, sleep, pain, fatigue, functionality, and help you return to sport, work, school.

Our program

The program includes:

  • 1-1.5 hour musculoskeletal assessment (if required)

  • 1-hour individual session to implement exercises developed

  • 6 weekly sessions in a small group

During the 6 group sessions, you will receive semi-individualised attention under the guidance of one of our exercise physiologists. Your exercises and program can be fine-tuned and modified along the way. You will be in an environment with people who have similar conditions and symptoms and are at a similar level to you.

Individual reviews during and after the 6-week period can be arranged as required. If you like, you may keep going to the weekly sessions after you finish the 6 weeks. Many people take up this option and enjoy the social side of the sessions.


$30 per session. Private health insurance rebates are available.

Ready to get stronger and have less pain?