Tailored Group Programs

It’s our privilege to welcome you to the community of better health management where we will step you through your individually tailored program.

This program is designed to help get your health back on track to achieve what you want in life without being limited by your heath.

These group education programs are specifically individualised and have a focus on fatigue, pain or for orthostatic intolerance, giving you the skills and tools to better manage your health.

Participants are screened to have a similar health condition or disability enabling you to meet likeminded people and work together as part of a supportive team. You will work towards overcoming your condition and move forward together to live the life you deserve. 

Sessions are 90 minutes, delivered by an extensively trained practitioner with years of knowledge and include; an hour lecture, handout material, support and ample question time.

To ensure our group programs are tailored to your individual health needs, each program also includes built-in individual one on one sessions with one of our expert practitioners to specifically focus on you.   

We only accept a maximum of 12 people per program, ensuring enough intimate individualised care is given to you to assist moving forward in improving your health.

New groups start regularly so please click on bookings at the top of the page, so we can send you the forms and start the process of helping you to change your life for the better.